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Fittings and Connections for Polyethylene Pipe for Micro irrigation Systems

It is very essential to know the necessary parts and connectors for laterals, manifolds, sub mains and main-lines before installation of a micro-irrigation system. When we talk about the various components of a piping system, it includes various fittings and connections and their main purpose is to joining and adapting pipes and other parts. In micro irrigation systems, the most frequently used material for lateral lines is polyethylene (PE) pipe. This article provides some information on available connectors and fittings for PE pipe that are solely used in micro irrigation systems.

Not all flexible pipes used in irrigation is polyethylene pipe. Another material available is flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe and it can be connected using plastic fittings by following some simple plumbing tips.

It is to be noted that PE lines cannot be connected in the same manner as PVC pipe as this is connected using PVC cement. PE lines are connected by insert fittings or compression fittings. Insert fittings are useful because they fit tightly inside the PE line. Compression fittings are fitted over the pipe's exterior and they create less friction loss and fewer stress cracking problems.

In order to connect PE laterals to PVC manifolds or other PVC parts of the system, it is necessary to use various combination fittings. Combination fittings have a combination of slip or male or female threaded fittings with insert or compression fittings.