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Pipe Reducer – Gem for Industrial Application

A pipe reducer links two pipes of different sizes. It is used in large scale industrial applications for enhancing flexibility in connecting fractional pipes. A pipe reducer can be of different material and each has the specific usage. The sizes can varied from inch to metric. There are two types of reducer – concentric and eccentric. Concentric pipe reducer is commonly used for most of the applications whereas, eccentric reducer is applied only when it is required to maintain the pipe level on both top and bottom. Eccentric reducer also maintains the air force direction to avoid trapping of air inside the pipe. The concentric reducer eliminates noise pollution.

Pipe ReducerA pipe reducer changes the size of the pipe and fulfills the hydraulic requirements so to adjust with the existing piping. It is highly used in power plants and chemical factories. Using a reducer makes the integral pipe line system tighter and reliable. It prevents the integral piping from possible thermal distortion and sudden shock. This pipe is easy to install and also prevents from leakages while on pressure circle. The chrome or the nickel coated reducers protects from corrosion and enhances the life of the product. It is also used in high vapor lines.